Relationship Reevaluation

One or both of you are questioning your relationship, and your ambivalence is stopping you from moving forward, either together or apart.

The prospect of divorce or break-up usually activates complex feelings that make it hard to see the wisest long-term choice, and can leave you without a sense of direction or momentum. If your goal is to get unstuck and move ahead with conviction, consider a Relationship Reevaluation.

Relationship Reevaluation is a structured, reflective process that will help you realistically assess your current relationship and make a confident decision about which direction to take. I will help you clarify what has been missing, what is vital to each of you, and the realistic potential for essential changes. The goal is to arm you with a clear perspective about your relationship, and where you each stand in it, so that you can trust yourselves to know what’s right for your future.

I provide Relationship Reevaluation services for traditional and non-traditional partnerships, including all gender, sexual and relationship orientations.

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