Non-Harming Mediation

You and your partner have done the painful work of deciding to end your marriage or partnership.

Now you are facing the prospect of pulling apart the life you’ve built together. If your goal is to get through this process thoughtfully and with as little damage and pain as possible, consider Non-Harming Mediation.

This model of mediation emphasizes clear articulation of needs and deep listening, leads to wisely negotiated agreements, and helps ease the grip of lingering resentment. It will help you move past anger and hostility to find out what matters most to each of you, and, from there, co-create solutions that support your well-being.  

For couples with children, this process of relating and communicating can be your roadmap for collaborative co-parenting, which is essential in order to circumvent the damage children often suffer through divorce.

My mediation services include divorce mediation, separation agreements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, equitable distribution, alimony and support negotiations and parenting plans. I also mediate conflicts in family owned businesses and other intra-family disputes.  
I provide mediation services for traditional and non-traditional partnerships, including all gender, sexual and relationship orientations.

Get in touch to see if Non-Harming Mediation is right for you.