Rise to the Challenge

You want to build, expand, climb higher. making it to whatever height you are set on always tests your courage, resilience and persistence. At the end of the day, the challenge is yours. but you don't have to travel the steepest parts alone. 

Nothing worth achieving comes without hardship. No matter how great the effort or preparation, we all stumble on the way toward our goals. But there is a difference between tripping on the same things over and over and transforming experience into game-changing knowledge -- the kind that moves ahead.  Instead of avoiding the pain, you can take a look at it with someone trained in reflection, and use it to ignite your progress.

We live in a world full of advice about doing. But action without insight can't take you very far.  As most successful (and satisfied) people will tell you, this kind of insight comes from peering into our blind spots, with with help of someone we can trust to give reliable and judgement free feedback.

How we cope determines what we can achieve. In our complex landscape of rapid change and dizzying financial metrics, stress, anxiety, loneliness and exhaustion can be blinding.  Overwhelming feeling states usually can't be quieted down without the help of another. Someone we can trust to see us without judgement.  Someone with the compassion and skills to help get our feet back under us.

I work with entrepreneurs, attorneys, finance professionals, media figures, artists and professionals in the art market, helping people maximize growth opportunities and restore emotional balance.


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