Couples Conflict Transformation

You keep getting stuck in opposition on the same issue and both feel like compromise would come at too high a price.

Or you avoid starting any conversation that might lead to disagreement - no matter how important - because you are afraid of the damage that conflict could bring. But getting rid of conflict is not the answer to a better relationship. Instead, we can change how you relate to conflict so that disagreement becomes an opportunity for satisfaction and connection.

Couples Conflict Transformation provides couples a new paradigm for resolving disputes, where they can work as collaborators rather than adversaries, and create not just solutions, but also a deeper connection. I guide you in a process that will move you below the surface of an argument to communicate what feels vital to each of you. You will learn to turn rigid positions into overlapping interests, and from there, to find mutually satisfying resolution.

I provide Couples Conflict Transformation for traditional and non-traditional partnerships, including all gender, sexual and relationship orientations. 

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